Rebug Update 0.1 and 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 Released

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Rebug Update 0.1 and 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 Released

Post  Kubancoco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:32 am

Rebug Update 0.1 and 3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0 Released

Submitted by greg on Sun, 06/12/2011
An update for anyone rockin' Rebug (CFW) 3.55.1: Over at you'll find Rebug Update Package 0.1 and a new 3.65 Version Spoofer. Don't get it twisted though: 3.65 Version Spoofer does not get you back on PSN.

Instead of releasing a full-fledged custom firmware PUP, which we all know are huge to download, cyberskunk has released [a small] Rebug update -- Rebug Update 0.1. This update packs minor fixes and tweaks for 3.55.1 only. Install it and this happens:
Update both the Rebug Selector 1.2 package and the current install with Rebug Selector 1.4 (Larger fonts, faster and easier to use)
Fix the cause of Uncharted 2 and some other games Black Screening
Update the current version spoof files to 3.65
Minor tweak to the paths in Package Manager
If you're by chance running another custome firmware, and you want to spoof the installed firmware version, you can download 3.65 Version Spoof 2.0 separately.
3.65 Version Spoofer 2.0, compared to other version spoofers, is said to be much faster and safer to use. This one first backs up the original files and then auto-reboots immediately after -- after that your console is spoofed, reporting firmware 3.65. You can activate and deactivate the spoof whenever you wish. And again this does not enable PSN access.
Why would you want to spoof 3.65 if it doesn't get you on PSN? Really it's an easy means to preventing accidental firmware updates ... you know, your girlfriend or your cousin or someone comes over and goes, "Oh hey, there's an update. Let me get that for you."
And to respect cyberskunk's wishes we won't be hosting said downloads here, instead you can find them over at So go get 'em!

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