Classic DOS Games for PS3

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Classic DOS Games for PS3

Post  Kubancoco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:30 am

Classic DOS Games for PS3

MateoGodlike's collection of "ported" DOS classics for PS3; powered by DOSBox. Amongst the games you'll find:
Hugo's House of Horrors
Hugo 2 WhoDunIt
Body Blows (Shareware demo)
Operation Body Count
Clyde's Adventure
And much, much more...
And expect more to come. MateoGodlike is also taking requests, check the project page for contact details.


Clyde's Adventure DOS Game.pkg 3.85 MB

Operation Body Count DOS Game.pkg 7.17 MB

Body Blows Shareware Demo DOS Game.pkg 4 MB

Hugo 2 WhoDunIt DOS Game Port.pkg 4.22 MB

Hugo's House of Horrors DOS Game PORT V1.1.pkg 4.38 MB

Rayman DOS Game Port V1.1.pkg 11.82 MB

The Horde DOS Game Port.pkg 16.84 MB

Mad TV DOS Game Port.pkg 4.61 MB

Another World DOS Game Port.pkg 4.63 MB

Triplane Turmoil DOS Game Port.pkg 8.01 MB

Ultima The First Age of Darkness DOS Game Port.pkg 3.65 MB

Duke Nukem 2D DOS Game Port.pkg 4.67 MB

Zork DOS Game Port.pkg 3.45 MB

Supaplex DOS Game Port.pkg 4.05 MB

Commander Keen Episode 1 Marooned on Mars DOS Game Port.pkg 3.6 MB


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