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Reputation Rules

Post  Kubancoco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:17 am

Reputation Rules
General Reputation rules

Reputation Comments
Please do not post anything that may be against the rules in your rep comments, be polite and honest when commenting.

Reputation Abuse
Abusing rep will have you blacklisted, this means that you will not be able to give rep, or receive it, and you may be in fracted as well, so don't do it.

More about Reputation Abuse
Reputation abuse means many things.
Rep boosting, asking for rep, or Rep Raping (having all of your friends neg rep someone for your own personal reasons) someone is against the rules and will have you infracted or banned.

Reporting Rep Abuse(r)
If you have been rep abused or you see a rep abuser, please contact a staff immediately.

Rep Raped
rep raping someone is only acceptable if that user excessively asks for reputation.

Revenge Neg repping
Revenge neg repping is allowed, if you neg rep someone, you should expect them to neg rep you back.

Rep Boosting
If you are caught rep boosting, ALL of your reputation will be reset, and you may be rep raped.

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