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New Members Welcome

Post  Kubancoco on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:59 pm


Welcome to NGH Here are some thing's thing's you should take into
consideration now you have joined this amazing site.

1: Do not be intimidated when Premium Members flame you.

2: Do not make pointless thread's saying "how do i hack my ps3"
or "how do i unlock everything on black ops"

In this case my advice is to read through many thread's about this certain query you have and you should find out more information on this matter.
However if you do not successfully find the answer then it would be right to post a thread saying "how do i install an ftp server for example" with more detail.

3: If you want Premium but you're to young to have a credit card or you're parent's will not allow you to use their's there are many way's in becoming a premium member on PvHax.

Here are some way's that you can.

• Join Premium Raffles

• Some thread's say Free Premium and if you meet the set requirement's you could also become Premium That way.

• Lastly you could be donated for (sponsored) by another member.

4: Flaming:

If a member personally insult's you in any way it is best to report it to a Moderator and they should deal with it immediately.

Note: Remember to take a screenshot as evidence.

5: Intimidation:

Do not be intimidated if certain member's call you a "grey noob" for example in the shoutbox.
I have seen this occur many times.

My advice is to use the /ignore (username) command in the shoutbox
and you will no longer have to communicate with them.

Also my advice is to not argue back as this could also result in you getting in the same amount of trouble.

I hope you become a very active and high regarded member.
Thank you for reading this.

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respect me...

Post  Roscobigfoot on Mon Jul 04, 2011 2:33 pm

seems fair enough, no calling me a "grey noob"


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