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Post  Kubancoco on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:55 pm

Welcome to NGH Forums.
Credits to me

General Rules

Infected Downloads or Link (Posting Malware)
Infecting users with potential malware is against the rules, and you may be banned permanently! Post a virus scan of downloads just to be on the safe side.

Insulting members for any reason is against the rules, we do not encourage this and suggest you report something that bothers you instead of flaming!

Selling NGH accounts
Selling your Pvhax accounts is not allowed.

Low Quality Posting
Posts only consisting "Thanks bro" or "lol......" are against the rules, these add nothing to the topic and are considered post boosting. This also applies to threads if your going to post one spend more than a few seconds making it. If you see low quality post report it to mods so it can be handled.

Posting the same thread over and over again in the Shout box is considered spam so don't do it (this includes advertising).

Posting in Infraction section
Only post in infractions if you are involved! You will be infracted if you do otherwise.

Scamming another user in anyway and you will be temporarily banned for a long time or permanently banned.

Double Posting
Double posting is when a member posts a message twice without having somebody else reply to them.Edit your post instead of double posting.

Leeched Post
When you use a thread or post from another website give credit and try to re-write it in your own words.

Signature Violation
Making your signature picture ridiculously oversized may earn you an infraction, if your lucky staff may warn you first.

Posting the link to other websites is not allowed anywhere on the site other than your signature! Some sites have been censored, so obviously we don't wan't to hear about them.

Personal Data
Posting personal info other than your own is against the rules this includes phone numbers, addresses, names, emails or contact information.

Please do not post content that exposes inappropriate content for people below the age of 18.

Multiple Accounts
You are only allowed to have one account, if for some reason you wish to make a second account, please speak to a staff member.

Don't ask for Staff
Asking to become a staff member will decrease your chances in becoming staff.

Nobody likes trolls so just don't.

Scanning NGH
Scanning the website for whatever reasons without permissions will have you IP banned PERIOD.

Ripping Skin
Ripping the skin will also have you warned and perhaps IP banned

Reputation Rules
Reputation Abuse
Asking for rep, offering it, or hinting it, is against the rules and the consequences are rep reset and/or an infraction.

Reputation Comments
When adding/taking away from a users reputation be polite in the comment you leave.

Reputation Abuse
Abusing rep will have you blacklisted, this means that you will not be able to give rep, or receive it, and you may be in fracted as well, so don't do it.

More about Reputation Abuse
Rep boosting, asking for rep, or Rep Raping someone is against the rules and will have you infracted or banned.

Reporting Rep Abuse
If you have been rep abused or you see a rep abuser, please report to staff immediately.

Rep Raped
Rep raping someone is only acceptable if that user excessively asks for reputation.

Revenge Neg repping
Revenge neg repping is allowed, if you neg rep someone, don't be surprised when they neg rep back.

Rep Boosting
If you are caught rep boosting, your reputation will be reset, and you may be rep raped.

Shoutbox Rules

Advertising other sites is not allowed.

No arguing with Staff or members if you have a problem with a member pm a moderator

Racism and flaming are not allowed no matter what.

Staff impersonation (and or using bbcode)
Do not impersonate staff this will only lead to an infraction and a ban from the shoutbox.

Any shouts with more than 3 smiles will most likely get warning 1st if it persist

Excessive swearing is not allowed example "**** you worthless ************** piece of ****" will be frowned upon" and will most likely lead to a ban.

Posting porn or infected downloads will lead to a ban.


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