Signature Of The Week Rules ~ UPDATE AS: 6/27/2011

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Signature Of The Week Rules ~ UPDATE AS: 6/27/2011

Post  Kubancoco on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:50 pm

Please Read All Rules before participating.
Image tag ( [IMG] ) needs to be inside a PHP tag ( [PHP] ). Otherwise it will get rejected.
No ripping. You have to make the sig.
No nudity. This site is for people of all ages.
No Profanity.
Please, PM any username changes to the host so he/she knows who to give credit to.
Cannot be bigger than 500 by 300 OR 300 by 500
You are only allowed one entry.
Only the first 10 entries are allowed because vBulletin only allows 10 poll options.
You must have the name you used in this forum.
If voting is Anonymous for that week:
If the rules of the week says "No Name". Do NOT put your name! Put the title of your sig if you want.
Don't talk about who's signature is who's. Every one should vote for the one they like.
Don’t talk about something that has nothing to do with SOTW on the discussion thread.
Don't tell anyone to vote for you.
No late work unless nobody has voted yet the host may add you in if you are late.
Be serious! Any signature that does not fit the theme will be discarded!
Please, if you just learned how to make signatures wait until you are a little bit better.
No voting for yourself.

If your signature did not get chosen, you have broke one of the rules.

I have read the rules pertaining to this week's Sig of the Week Competition, and would like to enter my image above. I acknowledge that it I vote for my own work when the poll is posted, I will be disqualified

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