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QA Flags discussion

Post  Kubancoco on Sun Jun 26, 2011 10:41 am

QA Flags discussion

Seeing as the other thread was closed due to disagreements and "flaming" I figure we should have a "flame free" discussion about the matter as it seems to be one of the most important discussions in the past couple of weeks. Let's use this thread to discuss what has been achieved and what need's to be achieved in order to successfully tackle this valuable piece of useful information.

UPDATE: Here's some of the useful things taken from the many pages of information on this thread. I will continue to update this so stay tuned.

A breakdown from Slync-Things we need:
1) QA Flag -- Already known how to do
2) Generate Valid Token -- Can already generate dummy token with grafs tools that don't do much but *might* be able to be altered.
3) Button Combo -- We have someone working on it.

The token has a similar structure to user_token which is already documented. We're going to try and use update manager to generate the token seed, make a valid un-encrypted token, send it through the token encrypter, and write it to eeprom.
Offsets from xwolfi:
LEFT 128 0x80
DOWN 64 0x40
RIGHT 32 0x20
UP 16 0x10
START 8 0x08
R3 4 0x04
L3 2 0x02
SELECT 1 0x01

SQUARE 128 0x80
CROSS 64 0x40
CIRCLE 32 0x20
TRIANGLE 16 0x10
R1 8 0x08
L1 4 0x04
R2 2 0x02
L2 1 0x01
Here is a decrypted 3.41 VSH file from stallion83 download.php?jjfc9c0c1jn39b1

The new chan is #qa-flag on efnet

A little help from Math:
instead of looking for the combo
[16:at5] <@Mathieulh> I looked for something else associated to it
[16:6] <@Mathieulh> ok, I'll help you a LOT
[16:6] <@Mathieulh> instead of looking for the combo
[16:6] <@Mhieulh> look for whatever checks the token
[16:6] <@Mathieulh> it'd also give you what value you need to set
[16:7] <@Mathieulh> the function that enables the combo in vsh.self also happens to check the token value
[16:7] <Slynk> spu_token_processer? I'm not sure if it handles verification or just encryption/decryption
[16:7] <@Mathieulh> the decrypted token is stored in ram
[16:7] <@Mathieulh> somewhere Razz
[16:8] <@Mathieulh> and I REALLY helped you there

More info:

Alright, I got a bit sick and tired of this little game - 84 pages ongoing and still no progress.

So since this QA thing is worthless anyway - here is the button combo -

you need to have the cursor on 'Network Settings' - (it needs to be 3.55 OFW BTW - Rebug won't work - I've already established that) - and do the following button combo -

L2 + L1 + R1 + R2 + L3 + D-pad Down.

There's your button combo.'Edy Viewer' will pop up - Debug Settings will pop up - Install Package will pop up (but it's kinda useless anyway since only retail packages will install, and only the first PKG on the root of the USB stick - yes - seriously). Now you only need to figure out the rest. Yes, this one works - don't worry about it - just go figure out the rest.

BTW - in case some people immediately start trying this out and telling me 'Hey Square - this doesn't bleepin* work' - remember - there are still some pieces of the puzzle missing - the 'community' needs to figure these out. But the button combo is in the bag - don't worry about it anymore, don't go fruitlessly reversing anymore looking for a possible sign of life of this 'button combo' - you've got it. Now figure out the rest.

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